We provide expertise in a number of fields in computer hardware, software and technology consulting. We prefer to work with startups and small businesses, as fewer layers of people allow for better communication and increased ownership for everyone involved. We love the excitement of starting fresh and customizing adaptive solutions for evolving markets.

Web Technology

Each year the number of online business increases, as does the number of companies using web platforms to access, manage and even power their platform. Need help creating an application but don't know what the best technology is to use? Ask us, we'll be glad to help.

Mobile Devices

Mobile applications are growing quickly worldwide, are becoming ubiquitous in business. Have an app idea and need help implementing it? Or do you to want add mobile access to your existing platform? Contact us to explore your options.

Startup Technology Consulting

The number of internet entrepreneurs is growing in proportion to the explosion of online business opportunities. Are you starting a business online but not sure of the best technology stack and approach to go with? We've consulted for a number of successful startups, yours should be next.

Platform Integration

Many business owners find that they need to add new services and products over time. Need to add email marketing features to your business? Or perhaps you need a phone platform for your growing staff that also talks to your server platform? What about integrating with a shipping service to handle orders and tracking? We'll build you the tools you need.

Custom Software Solutions

Sometimes clients need a very specific solution to a very different problem. A cpu designer may need a compiler matched to their new architecture. A web platform may need a parser for data import or decoding. If you're looking for a solution to an uncommon problem, contact us so we can help you figure it out.