Below are a few public apps developed by our company:


Gophered is a free delivery driver tracking and management platform for individuals and casual users. It consists of a mobile application which provides tracking of, and route information to the driver. With the Gophered app, your driver can look at their assigned delivery stops, map them out, and perform delivery activities as required for each stop by the route manifest.

Chiang Mai Angel

Chiang Mai Angel provides a guide to the top places to visit in Chiang Mai from Angel's point of view, a resident of Thailand for many years. Chiang Mai is the fifth largest city in Thailand, but its old town area remains charming and compact enough to make repeat visits enjoyable, in addition to the many natural and tourist attractions just outside the city. Use this app to discover new places for your next trip to Chiang Mai. Read about Chiang Mai points of interest, see popular photos, and view location and contact details. Get directions, see opening hours for today and track which places you've visited or want to. View a map with markers for all locations to see which ones are open or closed at a glance. Follow links to read reviews on Tripadvisor, Foursquare and Google for each location.

Alphabet Spanish Thai

See each letter of the Spanish alphabet in different writing styles.
Listen to words and letters in Spanish and Thai using each letter of the Spanish alphabet.
Learn every letter of the Spanish alphabet with example words and translations in Thai.