Below are a few public apps developed by our company:


Nerdaly is a new social media platform focusing on science superstars. Discuss current events, post media and links, and chat with your friends about what's going on in the tech scene. Find out more about Nerdaly here.

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Gophered is a free delivery driver tracking and management platform for individuals and casual users. The Gophered mobile application provides tracking of and route information to the user/driver. With the Gophered app, you can look at your assigned delivery stops, map them out, and perform delivery activities as required for each stop by the route manifest. A web-based admin system is available to change and upload the route information, as well as view events reported by the app. Read more about the Gophered platform here.

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Chiang Mai Angel

Chiang Mai Angel provides a guide to the top places to visit in Chiang Mai from Angel's point of view, a resident of Thailand for many years. Use this app to discover new places for your next trip to Chiang Mai. Read about Chiang Mai points of interest, see popular photos, get directions and track which places you've visited or wish to visit. View a map of all the suggestion locations and see which ones are open or closed at a glance. Follow links for each location to read reviews on Tripadvisor, Foursquare and Google before choosing your next stop.

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Alphabet Spanish Thai

See each letter of the Spanish alphabet in different writing styles. Listen to words and letters in Spanish and Thai using each letter of the Spanish alphabet. Learn every letter of the Spanish alphabet with example words and translations in Thai.