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Angel Engineering

Angel Engineering is a technology consulting services firm specializing in helping individuals and startup to medium-size businesses. We offer a range of technology services, covering every aspect of software development, project management, Web platform design and deployment, database development and IT management. Through a combination of talented staff, an understanding of client business challenges, and practical methodologies, Angel Engineering delivers quality solutions which produce quantifiable results for all of our clients.

Let us handle your technology needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


We prefer using proven open-source software running on cost-efficient hardware platforms, allowing us to deliver a reliable, low-cost product with minimal ongoing maintenance. We choose to work with clients whose projects are interesting to us, resulting in a quality finished product that is not rushed or neglected. We love overcoming challenges and leaving our clients happy with the results.


With over 20 years of experience in computer hardware, software and design, Angel Engineering is able to handle a wide range of challenges. If we are not already an expert for a client's technology requirements, we will become one to keep pace with evolving computer paradigms.

Our Approach


Every project starts with a well defined blueprint of our client's goals and the methods needed to achieve them. We iterate until we've handled all requirements before starting development.


Usually a product will require interface elements, which will impact the final design. Using the requirements, we design the product interface, and also modify the overall solution as tradeoffs occur.


Once a plan and design are in place, we develop the software and hardware needed to implement the solution. Constant testing and feedback from our client is essential to arrive at a great final product in minimal time.



Some of the companies we've had the privilege of working with.